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Brand Poetry by SINTONIA

Brand Poetry is a creative concept that aims to integrate poetry into the world of corporate communications. With its many possible uses, poetry can become an essential asset for any company that harnesses its power. Whether it's to humanise communication on social networks or to create original packaging, poetry can be an original ally in underlining a company's uniqueness.


How does it work?


1. Initial consultation:

We start with a meeting to understand your objectives and your brand values. We believe that every business has a unique story to tell.


2. Poetic Creation:

Using this information as a starting point, our poet creates personalised poems that reflect the essence of your business. Each creation is personalised and tailored to the company's needs.


3. Creative integration :

Poems can be used in a variety of ways, whether in advertising campaigns, brand messages, promotional products, speeches, websites, or other communication media. See below for examples.


4. Emotional impact:

Poetic messages are designed to move and captivate the target audience, creating deeper and more memorable connections.



Non-exhaustive list!


Marketing and advertising:

  • Creating advertising campaigns with poetic slogans.

  • Using poems to highlight the features of a product or service.

  • Poetic narratives on social networks or communication channels.

Promoting brand image:

  • Poems to place on the company's product packaging.

  • Use of poems in the company's email signature.

Corporate events and teambuildings:

  • Whether it's for a few hours or a day, our artist will come and live these moments with you. She will then compose a poem that reflects the emotion felt during the event. You can then share this poem on your social networks, website, etc.

Web content:

  • Integration of poems on the company's website.

Press releases:

  • Creation of artistic press releases.

Greeting cards and holiday messages:

  • Writing poems for Christmas, birthday and thank-you cards.

  • Creation of poetic messages to celebrate major corporate events.

Training and Personal Development:

  • Using poetry to encourage creative thinking at seminars and personal development workshops.

  • Organisation of writing workshops.

Promotional Products:

  • Personalising promotional items with poems.

Social networks:

  • Publication of poems on the company's social media accounts.

Speeches and Presentations:

  • Using poems to introduce speeches at conferences.

  • Creating artistic presentations with poetic elements.

Corporate Culture:

  • Running poetry-writing workshops to strengthen team spirit.

Corporate Social Responsibility:

  • Use of poems to raise awareness of the company's charitable initiatives.

  • Creation of collections of poems, the profits from which are donated to charities.

Corporate Books:

  • Publication of poetry books written by employees during workshops with the artist.

  • Distribution of these books at promotional events.

  • Creation of Memory Books after discussions with the company's employees: each of them shares a memory which is transformed into a poem.

Corporate gifts:

  • Offer personalised poems as gifts to customers or business partners.

  • Include a personalised poem or a gift card for a personalised poem in the Welcome Pack for new employees or the Farewell Pack for departing employees.

By adapting poetry to its strategy, a company can strengthen its presence, engage its audience and enhance its unique identity.

Why is "Brand Poetry" an asset for your customers?


Poetry immediately sets a company apart from its competitors by creating a unique experience for customers.


Poetic messages evoke emotions, leading to a more favourable reaction from the public.


Poems stay in people's minds for a long time, boosting brand awareness.


The use of poetry offers many creative possibilities for telling the brand's story and expressing its values.


The use of poetry conveys an image of the brand that is positive, inclusive, human and sensitive.


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